Simdle Automotive Suite Simdle Automotive Suite

Is it possible to purchase/use just one product?

Yes, although the Simdle Automotive Suite offers a more advanced and full experience, you can choose to only use one of our products.

How does the subscription time and price work?

It depends on the client’s needs. Car Trader and Car Manager have several subscription types with different prices, the combination of 2 or 3 products also influences the price. Please contact us for more information.

Can the users access Simdle Automotive Products from anywhere?

Yes, all Simdle Automotive platforms/softwares are cloud based so all information will be accessible from any device, anywhere.

Simdle Car Manager Simdle Car Manager

How is the calculation of the value of proposals carried out?

The calculation is done based on the configured costs associated with the process and a profit margin, also configured by the user.

How does the negotiation of proposals with the client function?

The negotiation is done apart from the platform. The platform gives all the tools and information so the user can calculate the best value to offer the customer, to ensure profit and no losses. But in the end, it all depends on what the seller believes is the best price to negotiate.

Simdle Car Trader Simdle Car Trader

How do the 3 “levels” of Car Trader work and the different functions?

You can find that information in our “How it works” section, in the Car Trader product page.

Can it be used by individuals?

No, Simdle Car Trader can only be used by companies/used car dealership, since it is a B2B platform.

Simdle Workshop Simdle Workshop

Can Simdle Workshop be used in a Customer Journey?

The customer journey is based on Simdle Workshop as well as its API. Through this, our clients can create a website for online bookings, such as maintenance bookings, which are sent directly to the Simdle Workshop dashboard.